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Monday, March 1, 2010

Redskins switch to 3-4 defense

So it seems all the rumblings in the media and hints from our new coaching staff is pointing to the Skins using a 3-4 alignment next year. Many of you do not think we have the personnel for such a move. In my opinion we already have most of the elements in place. I'm also taking Shannahan literally when he says we will be using both a 3-4 and a 4-3, but lets start with the personnel matter. This coaching staff is not going to let FAT Albert come into the season so out of shape he can't finish games. Most likely when we use the 3-4 alignment he will be the nose tackle. Some 3-4 alignments charge this position with occupying space and multiple offensive linemen (Patriots, Steelers) but there are multiple different ways of using and scheming the nose tackle in a 3-4. Lets take The Cowboys for example, Jay Ratlif was not a space eating, occupy multiple lineman nose tackle. He was a attacking, get in the backfield and disrupt nose tackle, and not many teams could find a answer for him last year. Fat Albert will be used in much this same way, but not always. Sometimes he will be at end and Montgomery or Griffin will be at Nose. Keep in mind before we acquired Haynesworth, that Griffin regularly commanded double teams from almost everyone we played. We could line up Haynesworth in the nose, Griffin and Daniels at ends. I do think we will need possibly one more big end type body to complete the transition. At linebacker we already have Orakpo, Fletcher and Macintosh. We could slide Macintosh inside and move H.B. Blades outside or H.B. Could be inside with Fletcher, and Macintosh Outside. That doesn't even factor in Chris Wilson, and I Have long thought with Wilson and Blades that we have two linebackers on our roster that were better then the amount of playing time they received last year. Andre Carter is not going to be a good linebacker or great in coverage and I think he may actually turn into more of a situational pass rusher if we keep him. We still need a free safety on our roster, but that's obvious and secondary has no bearing this discussion because we are talking about our front alignment and it just doesn't factor in. Back to my comment earlier about taking Shannahan Literally about using both alignments. In today's NFL with the way offenses are scheming and rules are changing to benefit offenses and help them score points, The best thing a defense can do is keep the offense guessing. I think Mike Shannahan's year away gave him a great idea. He is actually going to use both Alignments equally and really keep offenses on there toes. It makes perfect sense. Jim Haslett has Cordinated both alignments and I think that's why Shanny wanted him. In today's NFL the name of the game on defense isn't who gives up the least amount of yards. It's who gets the most game changing plays, Turnovers, Sacks, etc. How do you do that? By keep the offense guessing and confusing them. What better way to do that then to run both alignments and keep changing during the game, so the offense can never truly get a feel for what your doing. Those are my thoughts and I think it just may work. Feel free to comment and let me know what you think. Tune back daily for more redskins insights.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Jason Campbell debate

I have spent many hours reflecting on seasons past and lost, and like many of you have watched our franchise rise, fall, look like we are rising, only to fall again. Joe Gibbs 2.o was a very special moment for me. I was truly happy and emotional when it was announced he was coming back and followed every thread, blog, presser, game since he came back. unlike some of you I do not see his second adventure here in Redskin land a failure because we didn't get to the Superbowl, or win it for that matter. He re-established respect and order to our proud franchise. In the thirteen seasons he was gone we made the playoffs what, all of once? In his four years back in Washington he had us in the playoffs two of four years on remarkable late season pushes. In all actuality the first year we all should have known it was going to be brutal. He inherited the Varsity Florida Gators. In my opinion that made him two for three in seasons that he actually knew what he had, and built the roster, and staff accordingly. Did he make mistakes? Of course, but so does every other coach/GM. Just ask Bill Belicheck about 4th downs, and whether he missed Richard Seymour last season. I think we can all agree that Zorn was a mistake and was in over his head, Great position coach/ Lousy head coach, but the one mistake a lot of you think were making in give Jason Campbell another shot to run our offense is one I emphatically disagree with. He has gotten progressively better every year. has had multiple offenses to learn, and the coaching he will receive from "The Shannahan's" will be unmatched. See, they have a history of developing young talented quarterbacks to reach there potential, and Jason surely is talented, and hasn't reached his ceiling. Remember before he got hurt in Joe Gibbs 2.o, he was just starting to get his stride. The game he got hurt in, he was on his way to his 3 rd consecutive 300 yard passing game. Saunders offense was starting to click for him. What happened next? No more Saunders and Gibbs, transfer to the west coast offense. Last year he played behind the worst offensive line in football, Yes i said "WORST" for all you people out there that said "Big Ben, and Aaron Rodgers took more sacks." Most of there's were self induced for holding the ball too long. Jason never got the time they got or his stats, and our fate would have certainly been different. He will still be in a west coast offense this year, and the coaches will certainly put him in better position to win. They will most likely even try something of novelty the last few years, and make adjustments according to the way the other team is playing them, and set teams up by actually running the ball and using play action. Jason's stats last year were 20 TD's 15 int's over 3000 yards. I'm willing to bet behind a top ten o'line, that can run the ball, that Jason is a 28 td 10 int QB, and with a stout defense, and running game, that makes us a scary team in the playoffs. Here's to hoping we draft O'line in the first and second round, and go after Darren Sharper, and Darren Sproles in FA. That will bolster our secondary, O'line, and our running game. I promise you, if those are our moves we are in the playoffs next year making waves. Please Check back Daily for more Redskins Insights. Hail......